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Salem & Keizer are currently missing inclusive spaces and resources for its diverse population.
Young families, in particular, really need accessible and affordable options for creative expression, community engagement, and mental health support.


Radness Ensues can help provide these essential elements for the community, offering a dynamic hub where families can connect, express themselves creatively, and access resources to support their well-being.
Imagine a place where creativity, community, and healing all come together.
That’s Radness Ensues, a visionary community hub in Salem, Oregon. Founded by Becka Brisbin, the creative force behind Becka Makes Buttons, LLC, Radness Ensues is a unique space that offers something for everyone.
At Radness Ensues, you can:
  • Shop for handmade buttons, gifts, and beverages
  • Take classes in art & music
  • Rent a room for your next event
  • Join a group or club
  • Participate in youth programs
  • And more!
Radness Ensues is more than just a place to shop or take classes. It’s a space where people can come together to connect, create, and heal. Becka Brisbin and her rad team of Button Buddies are committed to providing resources for mental health support and youth programs. She believes that everyone deserves a safe and inclusive space to express themselves creatively.


We are thrilled to announce that we have secured a building for Radness Ensues! Now, we are raising start-up funds to support our Rad Internship Program and general operational costs. Your donation will help us create a space where creativity thrives, hearts unite, and young talent can flourish. Join us in making a lasting impact!

Together, we can ensure that Radness Ensues becomes a place where everyone feels welcome and inspired. By contributing to our programs and operations, you’ll be directly supporting the growth of local artists and the development of our innovative internship initiative. Donate today and help us bring this exciting vision to life!